So Frostpunk has been out now for just over a year and I have to say that from the day it launched it has intrigued me. That said, I only just got round to playing it yesterday. What do I think of Frostpunk? It good, but also bad, but also kind of perfect. Let me explain…

Phoenix Point Backer Build 4

Phoenix Point is the upcoming turn-based tactical strategy game from Snapshot Games, led by Julian Gollop, the designer of the orignal classic XCOM UFO Defense. As an early backer of this game, I’ve been playing the 4th Backer Build.

Rust – first impressions

I tried playing Rust and I died… A lot. When you first start up a game of Rust, you find yourself asleep on a beach. Hopefully, you find yourself asleep and alone on a beach. Otherwise you will likely find yourself very much dead on a beach. If you are lucky enough to make it […]