September IPA

This is the first IPA I’ve made and I made it in September. Quite a dull name but not entirely unpleasant. This recipe worked out nicely in my system to produce a nice 5.5% Anglo-American IPA. For me this is a really nice combination of British and American hops with the bitterness and spicyness of a more traditional English IPA but with the crisp, clean aroma from the American Citra hops. Batch size was around 20L.

Batch size: 20L

To mash:
0.5 kg Crystal Malt 60L (120 EBC)
0.5 kg Munich Malt

3 kg Light liquid malt extract
0.25 kg Medium dry malt extract
0.35 kg Glucose/Dextrose/Corn sugar

Hops additions:
20g Brewer’s gold – 60 min
25g Fuggles – 45 min
25g Citra – 30 min
25g Citra – 15 min
50g Citra – Dry hop for 3 days

Boil additions:
1 tsp Irish moss – 10 min addition

Fermentis SafAle English Ale S-04. 1 pack, added directly to wort when chilled to about 28 C.

60 min @ 67 C

Boil duration – 60 min

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