Sea Mine Porter

This is the first all grain brew for my current system. More of a filter coffee than an espresso, this is a nice, dark, simple Porter recipe for cold winter nights. This was named by my friend Michael. He likes sea mines I guess…

Batch size: 22L

Grain Bill:
4.5 kg Pale Malt (2 row, Belgian in this case)
0.5 kg Crystal Malt 60L (120 EBC)
0.25 kg Chocolate Malt
0.10 kg Black Malt
0.10 kg Flaked Oats

Boil additions:
0.10 kg Glucose/Dextrose/Corn sugar

10g Brewer’s gold – 60 min
10g Brewer’s gold – 45 min
25g Fuggles – 30 min
25g Fuggles – 15 min

Fermentis SafAle English Ale yeast S-04

30 min protein rest @ 50 C
30 min @ 69 C
10 min @ 76 C

Boil duration – 60 min

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