My current setup

My current homebrew setup is suitable for all-grain brewing on a budget.

The centrepiece of my setup is the 25L Klarstein all in one mash and boil kettle. Purchased from for EUR 199-, the Klarstein definitely seemed like a bargain and I have to say that I’m not dissapointed. It is basically a big electric kettle with accompanying grain basket, similar to that of the much more expensive grainfather system. Unlike similarly priced electric kettles, the Karlstein comes with a wort chiller included. This would usually cost an additional 50 quid or so, making this an excellent saving. This doesn’t come with any piping so to use the chiller, you’ll need to get some 9mm tubing (preferably silicone).

Now the Klarstein (at this price) doesn’t include a pump like more expensive systems. However, I managed to find a cheap pump on Amazon (or ebay, I can’t remember…) for around EUR20 with 9mm connectors which matches the size of the Klarstein cooler and the tap at the base of the unit. During mashing I use this pump to recirculate the wort through the grain bed, increasing efficiency and ensuring a nice even temperature. At the end of the boil, I use the same pump to pump cold water through the wort chiller and am able to bring the temperature down into the mid twenties in 20-30mins. The pump was advertised as being fine with liquids at 100 C, but I have only used it up to a maximum of around 75C during mashing and use the pump at the cold water end for cooling. I also have a bazooka filter inside the Klarstein for the tap connection to make sure that I don’t have any big chunks sent through the pump.

The rest of my system is just the standard bits and peices:

  • 2x 30L buckets from the Brewferm starter kit
  • Autosyphon
  • Hydrometer + graduated cylinder
  • Refractometer
  • pH-meter
  • Thermometer