A mead update!

It has been a long time since I posted anything and I think that it is time for a mead update! I made mead a few months ago and I can report that it has been finished and bottled for about a month now. So how does it look? How did it get here? And, most importantly, how does it taste? In this followup to my earlier post, I’ll go through the fermentation, conditioning, bottling and first tasting of the mead.

Making mead

Summer is most definitely here and you know what that means! Only a few months until Autumn! And what better drink for when the nights begin to darken and the days get increasingly nippy?

Rhubarb Cider

So after my first attempt at making some cider, I decided to head back to the market to grab another gallon of apple juice to use up the other half of the cider yeast. But this time I also went to the shop for some rhubarb nectar to add to the mix.

My first Cider

I bought 5L of locally produced apple juice and, following on from my recent wine adventure, have a newly freed up 1 gallon fermenter. So the only sensible thing to do is to make some cider!