Emergency Extract IPA

So as you may have read, my all in one system is currently out of action. But never fear, extract is here! I was going to make an American style IPA and I didn’t want all of those delicious hops to go to waste so I ordered some extract and just got on with it.

Since my brew system failed during the mash, it left a lot of malt ruined but luckily, all of the hops were left intact. So I decided to order some extract and make an IPA with that instead. Now, I want an IPA and I want a decent amount of it so I’m making a batch of around 25L and using in total 270g of hops (170g to boil and another 100g to dry hop) and 5 and a half kg of malt extract.

I’m using two tins of Munton’s Extra Light LME and 1 tin of Munton’s Amber LME equaling a whopping 4.5 kg of liquid extract. As well as that, I used 1kg of light dry malt extract to make the hop tea. First of all, I add the 4.5kg of LME to a sterilised fermentor, before rinsing the tins out into the fermentor with some boiling water to get as much of those sugars out as possible. That’s the easy bit, next comes the hop tea.

There were going to be six hop additions in the boil of the IPA I had planning, and I didn’t want to miss out on any of that delicious complexity. Also in order to get the most out of my hops, simply boiling them up in 5L of water just wouldn’t cut it. I therefore decided to make six separate hop teas, one for each of the additions (IBU estimates made using BeerSmith 3):

  • 45 min: 40g Brewer’s gold (15.3IBUs) in 5L with ~ 250g Light DME
  • 30 min: 25g Brewer’s gold (8.0IBUs) in ~3L with ~125g Light DME
  • 20 min: 20g Brewer’s gold (5.0 IBUs) + 10g Mosaic (5.5 IBUs) in ~2.5L with ~125g Light DME
  • 15 min: 20g Amarillo (6.7 IBUs) in ~ 2.5L with ~125g Light DME
  • 10 min: 15g Mosaic (4.9 IBUs) + 10g Amarillo (2.5 IBUs) in ~ 3L with ~125g Light DME
  • 5 min: 20g Amarillo (2.7 IBUs) + 10g Mosaic (1.8 IBUs) + yeast nutrient + Irish Moss in 5L with ~250g Light DME

The good news is that this all boiled over only once before I got the hang of doing so many boils at once on the cooker. Once each hop tea was done I strained it through a sterilised sieve directly into the fermentor with the LME and gave it all a good stir with a sterilised mash paddle. Once all of the hop tea was added, I then topped it up with cold, distilled water up to somewhere around 25-27 L (I forgot to make a mark for my target on the fermentor in advance so I’m not sure exactly how big the batch is…). I sealed up the fermentor and took the whole lot down to the basement (which is downright freezing at 22C compared to the 38C outside this week) to cool down overnight. The original gravity reading of this brew is quite heavy at 1.072 (up significantly from the predicted 1.066) so I expect to see an end product with an ABV upwards of 7.5%.

Then the next day it was cool enough (~26C) to pitch the yeast, so I took my jar of leftover US-05 out of the fridge for a couple of hours to warm up and then just gave it a quick shake and dumped it in. A day or so later the fermentation was well underway and it’s still bubbling away now five days after pitching the yeast. At the end of the fermentation I will be dry hopping this IPA with another 50g Amarillo and 50g Mosaic.

I expect that this will turn out to be a pretty nice beer, despite the fairly radical change of plan early on. I hope it turns out better than pretty nice because 25L or so is a pretty sizeable batch if it doesn’t go down well! If you’ve enjoyed this post, why not check out my post about the Klarstein brew system, or if you want something different, why not this one about some of my favourite board games for two people.

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