Rhubarb cider – the tasting

I made some cider with Rhubarb juice in it. This is the story of how that cider tasted.

The fermentation went fine and, unlike with my first cider attempt, there was no explosive fermentation (probably because I didn’t shake the bottle this time!). I batch-primed the bottles this time instead of just using a tiny bit of sugar in each bottle. I did this mostly because I had a secondary fermenter free this time but also because, unlike last time, I wanted a bit of carbonation and batch-priming is the only way to make sure the carbonation levels are consistent. So how did it turn out?

First of all, I like the colour. It has lost a lot of the pink colour from the rhubarb but it seems like there’s still a bit there. Of course that could just be my imagination and I reckon I’d have to put it side by side with the first cider I made to be sure. I’ve never been good with colours but does look a bit red in the photo!

It smells, unsurprisingly, like cider with a hint of rhubarb. Anyway, now for the taste: First of all it is very nice and dry, and a bit more acidic than my first cider. But it’s also got a nice balanced sweetness to it as well. Finally ,the aftertaste is very rhubarb-ey. If you’ve had rhabarberschorle (rhubarb juice mixed with soda water) then the aftertaste will be very familiar.

All in all, I am very happy with the result and would certainly make this again. I might play around with a bit more rhubarb nectar in the future (maybe try 2/5 rhubarb?).

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