The adventures of Swan Hunter: literally anyone can make a game

Once upon a time, I made a game. I made this game using the free version of Game maker Studio… I think that’s what it’s called. Anyway Game Maker Studio is a simple graphics-based game making kit by YOYO Games. It’s a pretty cool tool that’s lots of fun to play around with and makes it super easy to get started. There’s now a sequel to Game Maker Studio called Game Maker Studio 2 that you can also try out for free. Anyway, here’s a game I made called The Adventures of Yellow Man: Swan Hunter.

I think I made this game in around a weekend, including producing all of the artwork for the game myself. According to the timestamp on the file I just found the development of this game took place some time in 2012. Unfortunately, since then I have lost all of the source files but, luckily, all we need to play is the .exe file which I have uncovered.

I think it is fair to say that The Adventures of Yellow Face: Swan Hunter is the greatest game ever made. And if you are lucky enough to be reading this, you can get your hands on Swan Hunter for free right now! From here. Unfortunately, as I have lost the source files, Swan Hunter is only available as a single .exe file for PC and that is unlikely to change any time soon. If you enjoy Swan Hunter, then please consider contributing a few dollars on my Ko-fi page. Doing so will encourage me to create more great content! Who knows? Maybe some day they’ll even be a sequel…

Okay so maybe not the greatest game ever made… But it’s still pretty great. I mean nobody really likes swans anyway…

If you enjoyed this blog posticle (like a post and an article?) then why not comment below, or give it a like, or if you really enjoyed it, then you can give me money at Ko-fi. You might also want to check out my recent thought’s on another quite good game Phoenix Point, or maybe you’re interested in some upcoming questionable cider.

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