Wine from concentrate: What’s the worst that could happen?

Today, I made started my first wine-making experience. I’m using the California Connoisseur Merlot winemaking kit. This kit contains 1.5L of (what I guess must be) grape juice concentrate to make 6 bottles of wine (4.5L). I looked around at peoples reviews online for this company’s kits and people seemed happy with the results from these wine kits.

On opening the box, I found that it is full of a big bag of juice concentrate as well no fewer than ten little sachets of everything you need to ferment, clarify and degas the wine. It even comes with a small pack of lightly toasted oak chips! Delicious! Luckily, it also comes with a very detailed set of instructions to help you get the most out of your wine making adventure.

From sterilising the fermenter to bottling the wine should take 28 days (or four weeks if you prefer single digit numbers). From there it should be ready to drink but I’m sure I’ll age some in the basement for a while to see what happens. Using this kit was a breeze, taking well under an hour for the first step and an excellent excuse to use my new 5L demijohns.

In 7 days it should be ready to transfer to a secondary fermenter, and then after a few days onto degassing, eventually going back into the freshly cleaned primary for stabilisation and clarification and before you know it, the wine will be ready for bottling. I’ll post an update in about 28 days to show how it all went.

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